Utsch AG of Germany is more than a 40 year old Company and is a world leader in manufacturing and supplying of the High Security Registration Plates.

In 1961, in Germany, Erich Utsch founded a small specialty company to manufacture stamped automotive license plates. Years of systematic groundwork followed, accompanied by constantly growing number of customers and employees, subsidiaries and joint ventures. Currently, Utsch AG commands more than three fourths of world territory (more than 100 countries) for the manufacture and supply of High Security License Plates either directly or through joint ventures.

Utsch AG, under the able guidance of Mr. Manfred Utsch as Chief Executive Officer, executes ecological audit according to EU guidelines which demonstrates their seriousness of both qualitative and quantitative parameters. Utsch AG provides security solutions for and around license plates. An optimal solution for the precise needs of a country is created by use of characteristic fonts, colors and graphic emblems. Utsch vehicle license plate systems descriptively express the country-specific identity.

Additional security elements such as holograms, laser- and UV-codes, increase the forge-safety. Utsch specializes in development of the license plates layout, the manufacture of respective tools, the supply of plate blanks, and even finished car plates. Utsch has the capability to design and set up all manufacturing facilities for complete production at the customer's location. In fact, in April of 2008, the Erich Utsch AG received the Gold Award from Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance for 10 years of quality management with ISO certification.

Utsch Ag believes that a number plate is not just a plate, it is a security document called the "Security License Plate" which can be created by adding more valuable security features more than just a registration number. One of the first and still most highly valuable security measures when producing a vehicle license plate is to emboss and color the alphanumeric characters so that a number plate can be identified from different angles of vision. UTSCH takes the issue of security very seriously.

UTSCH innovations have always been practically orientated, economical solutions, with comprehensive service for the customers who benefit from the latest on their anvil being the Intelligence License Tag.
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